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My formal music education ended in the first year of trumpet lessons when I threw my trumpet on the floor.

When I was 12, I found a plywood Stella guitar in our basement, which had the resonance of a livestock water tank, but could be dropped repeatedly without damage.

I fell in love with this marginally musical instrument, learned to the first positions for C, E and G from Alfred’s Chord Chart, and launched my career. My first performance was in an 8th grade school dance with dubious renditions of “Wake Up Little Suzie”, and “Hound Dog”.

In high school I was dyslexic, couldn’t learn, and got miserable grades, however was successful in art and music. I formed a rock & roll bank which performed for several years and made a record with RCA’s private label division. The band split up after high school.

Then I took a 30-year vacation from music: Went to college and law school. Became disenchanted. Worked on a freighter. Hitchhiked 8,000 miles. Raised pigs. Worked construction. Built cabinets. Got framed for dealing drugs. Got exonerated. Drove a taxi. Built three restaurants and a manufacturing company. Went bankrupt. Went crazy. Recovered. Got married and divorced twice. Had four kids. Made some money. And went back to my first love, music.

There are 5 singer-songwriters in particular who have been major influences in the development of my songwriting. While in the past I have always sung only my own songs, I now occasionally sing one of my favorite cover songs by one of these great songwriters.

--John Prine – A master storyteller who combines poignancy and philosophical insights. One of my favorite John Prine songs is “Hello In There.”

--Woody Guthrie – The father of the Americana genre of music. His songs are always succinct full color snapshots of America. He was the original idiosyncratic troubadour.

--Hank Williams – The master of the lovesick and forlorn country genre, and extraordinarily prolific, especially considering that he wrote and performed most of his life as a functional alcoholic. Sadly, he is proof that many alcoholics die young.

--Kris Kristofferson – The outstanding intellectual-country singer-songwriter of our time. Intellectual because he is reflective, literate, knows all the words, concepts and structures, and is able to use them creatively. Country because he knows how to say what he has to say simply, understandably and in a few words. And exceptional because he has something to say that is engaging, has different perspective or twist to it and is moving and meaningful, often at more than one level.

--Early Bob Dylan – Certainly the greatest and most eccentric poet-singer-songwriter of our time. Dylan knows how to use language, intellect, emotion, edge and bite in his writing and singing to command your attention and communicate powerfully and meaningfully.

My plan for the future is very simple:

--My goal is to live a music-lifestyle and see where it leads, not commit to achieving a goal etched in stone. The joy and meaning is in the journey, not the destination.

--My focus is to write some great songs, get some exposure and get some cuts by established artists.

--My strategy is to produce an album a year, do tours each year and do a major radio-print media-Internet-insiders promotion per year.

--My perspective is that I will maintain my artistic integrity, control my budget, have a great time and see where the path leads.

--The team assisting me in my songwriter-singer career are a plugger, a booking agent, a project manager, a webmaster and as many insiders as I can get to know who will help me.

Taylor 614CE L2 Acoustic with Expression System pickup
Taylor 714CE Acoustic with Fishman Matrix pickup
Gibson 185CD Acoustic with Fishman Matrix pickup
’54 Gibson Jumbo Acoustic with Fishman Rare Earth pickup
Stella Acoustic (barely) – long gone
Gibson Les Paul Standard with Humbucker pickup


Finger Picks:
Dunlop .020 steel

Thumb Picks:
Dunlop medium plastic

Lee Oscar major diatonic (crossharp keys E#, A#, C#, G#, G, D# - my nomenclature)
Lee Oscar harp holders

Korg 1600 digital recording system
AKG CL2000 condenser vocal mic

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