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Jon Dakota is a songwriter who observes, reflects and comments about the experiences he sees in his life and around himself, in our sometimes absurd culture, and this often crazy world.

He has been described as an idiosyncratic troubadour in the genres of Prine, Guthrie, Williams, Kristofferson and early Dylan.

Dakota’s new CD just released, “Ordinary Angel” and “In Each Other’s Shoes” (a double CD with two albums on one disc), continues to establish him as a songwriter who knows his craft and can totally engage the listener with his mesmerizing stories, moving love songs and rocking blues.

His tunes are delivered passionately with a voice that ranges from smooth to gravelly, accompanied by his skillful finger picking guitar style and killer blues harp.

Dakota first performed at age 16, playing a “plywood” Stella acoustic guitar and singing such covers as Everly Brothers” “Wake Up Little Susie” and Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock.” In high school he had a rock & roll band which cut an album with RCA custom division. After college, he took a 30-year “vacation” during which time he had two wives, four kids and a dozen jobs. Since resuming his career, he has played in venues in Colorado, California, Nashville, Texas, New York City, Boston, England and others.

He developed the songs for his current CD based on observations, reflections, thoughts and feeling about himself and others. In particular, he writes stories based on the experiences of friends and acquaintances with whom he empathizes, experiences which he sees variously as uplifting, edifying, transcendent, tragic, bittersweet and poignant.

Jon Dakota’s upcoming plans include tours in the U.S. and Canada and another CD before the end of the year.

He says: “I write about what I see, hear, experience, empathize with, wonder about and makes me crazy.”

“I pay attention to and write about what’s going on, what’s honest, what’s uplifting and what’s depressing about my life and the lives of those around me.”

“I want to tell stories that resonate because they are based on reality and truth, and because they have something to say. I want my songs to be simple, clear and engaging, both emotionally and intellectually.”

“I never had guitar or harp or singing lessons. I don't know what I don't know. I just make it up as I go along.”

“I try to carve into myself, find some truth, have something to say, make the personal universal, keep it simple and spit it out.”

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