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“Dakota can tell a country music tale just as well as Kristofferson.”

Brad Fischer. Nashville Music Guide

“Dakota has more in common with Bob Dylan’s Nashville Skyline than anything else that’s come out of Music City. His voice is somewhere between Bob Dylan’s current growl and John Prine’s country twang.”

-- Andrew Miller. Nashville Music Guide

“His use of harmonica throughout the tracks is raw talent!”

-- Heather Corcoran, Coffeehouse Tour

“Awesome lyrics…and a lot of heart and soul.”

-- Clay Bradley, BMI, Nashville

“Jon Dakota is one of those special songwriters with a wonderful gift for taking us on a journey into real life with his songs…”

-- Chris Dodson, Makin’ Music

“Dakota is a true storyteller, a troubadour who reminds one of Guthrie, Prine, Kristofferson, and early Bob Dylan. An idiosyncratic performer, he runs the gamut from cool white man’s blues to poignant love songs punctuated with fine acoustic guitar licks and skillful harmonica fills…”

-- Brad Fischer, Nashville Music Guide

“Jon Dakota takes his life experiences and puts them into his own words…as crazy as they may sound. His use of harmonica throughout the tracks is raw talent! This Country – Blues singer adds humor to his lyrics and songs, all the while multi-tasking with a finger picking guitar and rapid harmonica playing. He adds his own political musings in the song, “Crazier Than a Fruitcake” covers all sorts of topics in his songs from a couple married, but not a good match to a plea from broken heart .”

-- Heather Corcoran, Coffeehouse Tour

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